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26 March 2010 @ 07:37 pm
[News] Nicholas Tse takes a break from showbiz for pregnant wife  

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BEIJING: Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse will take a break from acting to spend time with his wife, actress Cecilia Cheung, who is expecting their second child, said Chinese media.

Tse, 30, who was recently named Best Supporting Actor at the 4th Asian Film Awards for his role in "Bodyguards and Assasins", said he was very happy about winning the award but was actually looking forward to spending more time with his pregnant wife, whom he described as being very supportive of him.

"Whether I win an award or not, I will still get a hug [from Cheung]," said Tse at a post-award event. "Whether I win an award or not, my wife will still think I am the best."

While Tse will be taking time off to keep 30-year-old Cheung company, he said that his schedule is actually packed and he will be involved in various projects till next year, including Wong Jing's new film which will begin filming in July.

According to Tse, being a father is a huge responsibility so he is determined to take on more projects and make enough money so that his family can lead a comfortable life.

The other matter weighing on Tse's mind is reportedly picking the right name for his second child. His first is three-year-old son Lucas.

"I am trying to think of a name that is easy to remember, a name that ends with a 'cas' sound, because my wife wants both I and my children to have names that end with a 'cas'.

"So in the end only the name 'Marcus' fits and sounds similar. We have not decided on his Mandarin name yet," said Tse.

- CNA/ha