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about nicholastsefan
nicholastsefan is a fansite for all the fans of actor/singer/director/martial artist Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋)! Come here to discuss your favorite HK celebrity, share videos or pictures, fan art or fan fiction, or catch up on the latest information! No matter what the reason, if you're a Nic fan, this is the place for fans to gather and share what they like! &hearts
the comm rules
[*] No spamming! (>.<)

[*] No flaming or hate messages of any kind!

[*] If you have a problem with another site member, please let the admin know. Don't fight publicly!

[*] Please respect each other and each other's opinions!

[*] Please do not try to impersonate another person (this means we do not allow users to create multiple accounts and join with them, particularly for reasons that may include breaking the rules)!

[*] Most importantly, HAVE FUN! &hearts
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